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Emergency Groom's Kit

If you think that the blushing bride is the only person with jittery nerves on that special day, think again! The groom is surely a bucket of nerves as well!

And while he can’t prepare for every unforeseen possible mishap, he can be “Boy Scout” ready for those little snafus that are bound to occur.

Whether you are the best man, wing man or the groom himself, I have assembled a quick and easy emergency kit of those things that might come in handy should a problem arise.

emergency grooms kit 1.JPG

o  Cufflinks – Most rented tuxedos will offer a pair of standard cufflinks with the suit, but it always helps to pack and extra pair in case one breaks or gets lost like a sock in the dryer.

o  Lint Brush – There are bound to be dog or cat hairs that find their way onto someone’s black suit. This is the last thing you want to stare at in your wedding photos…forever!

o  Band Aid – With your nerves on end it is possible to nick or cut yourself that morning. And a groom man is likely to be clumsy doing something so keep a few on hand.

o  Gum – Fresh breath is always important. But no time more important than when you are getting ready for that special kiss. *Note- PLEASE spit it out before walking down the isle.

o  Antacid – An upset tummy is common when you are trying to remember your vows so keep this on hand just in case.

o  Pain Reliever – Whether from a wild bachelor party the night before or dehydration, keep a tablet in your case…just in case.

o  Shaving Cream / Shaving Kit – A groom man is bound to be late and didn’t have shave. You want everyone to look their best.

o  Body Wash – This is also for that late grooms man.

o  Shoe Laces – With your luck a lace will snap that day. Throw an extra pair in to avoid catastrophe.

o  Extra Socks – You never know when someone may have forgotten or lost a sock (grooms man).

o  Emory Board and Nail Clippers – Not all men keep good nails. Inspect your wedding party to ensure a good appearance.

o  Sewing Kit – A hotel size sewing kit will help when someone’s button pops off. And YES this will happen to someone.

o  Facial Tissues/Handkerchief – Men get emotional too. Keep something on hand for that moment.

o  Lotion – Dry skin is NOT a good look.

o  Oral Aids – A spare tooth brush, paste and mouth wash will come in handy.

o  Batteries – If someone has an electronic these are a life saver!

o  Deodorant – Need I say more.

o  Booze/Flask – A little “swig” just before will take the edge off.